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Teachers Training

CBSE Capacity Building Workshop for teachers on Mathematics ,Science and Social Studies

The CBSE–Centre for Excellence, Pune organised a two day Capacity Building Programme on 2nd and 3rd May 2019 for the Mathematics, Science and Social Studies teachers at Lexicon Wagholi, Hadapsar and Kalyani Nagar campus respectively. The workshops were helpful to enhance teachers' skills related to subject knowledge, assessment pattern and new innovative teaching-learning strategies.

CBSE Workshop for Teachers - Remodeled Structure of Assessment

A CBSE workshop was conducted for teachers on “Remodeled Structure of Assessment” on Saturday, 13th October 2018 by Ms. Seema Nayar and Ms. Namrata Majhil. The workshop aimed at acquainting and sensitizing the teachers with the remodeled structure of assessment and relevance of Class X Board Exams. The teachers were enlightened about the Internal Assessment, Notebook Submission and Subject Enrichment in detail with the help of various activities. Report card format for Class IX – X was also clarified in detail. Teachers were guided about the importance of Documentation and its proper upkeep. In all it was a learning experience for teachers where all their queries regarding the assessment structure were solved.

ERP Workshop for Teachers

Technology is an important tool and can be used to make day to day work of a school easier and transparent. With this thought Simplified Schooling ERP - School Management Software will be introduced in the school. A proper training session for the same was conducted for the teachers by Mr. Amitabh Banerjee from Concept Content and Media House Pvt. Ltd on 5th May 2018. The teachers were briefed about digital upkeep of their Attendance, Timetable, Circulars , Lesson Plans.

Coding Workshop at The Lexicon Internation School, Wagholi

Coding has always been an integral part of the curriculum at the Lexicon Schools. A workshop was conducted on 21st April 2018 at The Lexicon International School, Wagholi to train the ICT teachers about the new Coding Action Plan and its implementation. Ms. Shruti Nagar explained the importance, overview and integration of coding with other subjects. Proper Demonstration of unplugged activities and hands on session in the computer lab helped the teachers to gear up for proper implementation of coding in their classes.

Communicative English Workshop on 4 August 2018

On 4th August 2018, a workshop was organized by Spell Bee International on the topic " Building Students' Communicative English". The programme was presided over by Ms. Devakanni. The programme covered topics lke Morphology, Phonetics, Phonology and connecting teaching with learning. The workshop was attended by English Teachers Mrs. Angel Chatterjee and Mrs. Smita Gosavi.

Research and Development Workshop at The Lexicon School, Hadapsar

Lexicon schools are always known to be different and unique in every way and this is just one more addition in the garden full of flowers.A workshop was conducted on 5th April, 2018 for introducing and guiding the teachers with the new USP of our school ‘Research and Development’ (R and D ) which can then be published in research journals. This concept was put forth by our Respected Pankaj Sir, and the workshop was conducted by Respected Lilly ma’am, supervisor of our sister school in Hadapsar. Our Dear Sunita ma’am also addressed the crowd and expressed that the RND should be constructive and should be engraved in the mind of the students.

Math Workshop for Teachers

A Maths Workshop was conducted on 7th April,2018 at The Lexicon International School, Kalyani Nagar. It was an interactive session where Maths teachers from classes I to X participated under the able guidance of Mrs. Monika Taneja, Maths Auditor of Lexicon Group of Schools. It was a platform provided to teachers to clarify their doubts regarding various aspects of teaching and learning in Mathematics.

Principals' Meet on Career Choices available for 21st Century Students.

Leading & heading an institution is a herculean task. And to stay aware and updated with the latest trends and developments becomes the necessity for the leader. Our Principal Mrs Anju Luthra attended NIE Principal’s Meet on 12th September which focused on career choice available for students. Ma’am also attended a Top School’s Meet, Pune as organised by Microsoft on 18th September which aimed at apprising schools on how technology & it various tools enrich the learning experience for students making it easy & fun.

Workshop for Hindi Teachers

In order to craft awareness about usage of Hindi language, The workshop was conducted on 23rd September, 2017 by Dr Vinod Prasoon from ‘Saraswati Publication’ for Hindi teachers from all the branches of ‘The Lexicon Schools’. It aimed at innovative and effective way of teaching Hindi.

Workshop for SST teachers

A Social Studies workshop was held for the teachers of The Lexicon International School at The Global International School, Chinchwad. It aimed at solving the concerns faced by teachers related to the syllabus and new developments in the subjects. The different assessment patterns, strategies and skills for effective transaction, the interdisciplinary approach while teaching Social Studies were the various topics taken up .The workshop proved to be very fruitful, helping the teachers to know more about the evaluation patterns and guiding students to be effective and productive citizens, sharpening their ability to think critically and to communicate effectively.

Workshops conducted during 2013 to 2017