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•    Black rain shoes (No slippers or fancy shoes are permitted during the monsoon)
•    Long hair is not to be left loose and no fancy hairstyles are permitted.
•    No jewellery is allowed except a plain wristwatch and small earrings (No chains & lockets)
•    No make-up or Nail polish is permitted.
•    PE uniform to be worn on PE days.
•    Shirts are required to be tucked into the Trousers/ Skirts at all times.
•    Girls skirts should be knee length. Boys should have their hair cut short; and be clean shaven.
•    Girls with long hair should have their hair plaited or tied neatly. Hair may not be colored, tinted or highlighted.
•    Students failing to comply with uniform regulations will be sent home after two warnings are recorded in the school diary. Parents will have to come and take their child home.
•    Students should take pride in their uniform as it provides them with an identity.

The uniform requirements outlined apply to all – students.
BOYS                                    Regular uniform                                       PE uniform
Shirt           :                           Checked Half Sleeved Shirt                          Shorts: Black shorts/ track pants
Trousers     :                            Navy Blue                                                  T-shirts: House Colour T-shirts
Footwear    :                            Black shoes formal                                     Footwear: White shoes canvas
                                               with white socks                                        with white socks
Tie             :                            Navy Blue
Blazers       :                            Navy Blue (for school occasions and functions)

Shirt           :                            Checked half sleeved shirt                           Shorts: Black shorts/track pants
Skirts          :                            Navy Blue                                                   T-shirts: House Colour T-shirts
Footwear    :                            Black shoes formal                                      Footwear: White shoes canvas
                                                 with white socks                                         with white socks
Tie             :                            Navy Blue
Blazers       :                            Navy Blue (for school occasions and functions)
Hairband    :                            Plain White Plastic / Nylon

Parents are asked to ensure that children arrive and leave school punctually. Students must have minimum 75% attendance in each term. Only then he/ she will be permitted to appear for the Summative Assessment respectively.
Parents should make a request for leave in advance only when it is absolutely necessary. Application for leave written by the parent should be addressed to the Principal. If the duration of the absence is to be more than 2 days a letter should be sent at once supported by a medical report in case of sickness.
The school operates on the full attendance policy. However, sometimes, absences cannot be avoided. We ask the students and parents to take responsibility for absences by finding out what activities and homework have been missed. It is up to you to ensure that the missed work is made up and missed homework assignments are completed. Home Work is set each day according to subjects appearing on the H.W. timetable. Parents are requested to 1) see that the H.W. is done 2) To sign the school organizer daily.
It is important to note that student’s absence rates will be declared in school transfer records to future school.

Leave and Absences
1.    In all cases of absence, parents / guardians should notify the class teacher through the Leave Record Section of the student’s diary.
2.    Prior sanction must be sought from the Principal through a written application, in case of absence exceeding three days.
3.    Prolonged absence on medical grounds should be supported by a Medical Certificate.
4.    Students suffering from contagious or infectious diseases must refrain from attending school until the completion of the quarantine period. They will not be permitted to attend School until they produce a Medical Certificate of clearance.
Chicken Pox: Students may return to school after 10 to 14 days. (Provided the scabs have fallen off)
Mumps: Students may return to school when the swelling has subsided.
5.    If a child is to leave early from school, a letter of authority should be given to the person, who other than the parent is collecting the child.
•    Stand in queue to get onto the bus. Do not push other pupils.
•    Sit down on the seat allotted to you.
•    Do not walk around in the moving bus.
•    Do not break segregation rules in the bus.
•    Do not shout or talk loudly in the bus as it may distract the driver.
•    Do not fight with other pupils.
•    Do not throw litter or any other articles around, in or out of the bus.
•    Do not keep your bags in the aisle or walking space.
•    Do not eat in the bus.
•    Do not damage the interiors of the bus; any damage caused by you will be charged for.
•    In case of permanent change of location you need to meet the Administration Officer and fill up the appropriate form(s).
•    You will not be allowed to use the school transport for after school activities if you are not a regular bus user.
•    It is extremely important that any change to a child’s normal transportation arrangements be intimated through a letter to the class teacher at least one day prior to the change. Parents are required to inform the class teacher, if the child will not be availing the bus on a given day, either in the morning, afternoon or both.
•    Children cannot avail of the bus facility if they are taking a half day. Parents are to collect their child.
•    Kindly check the child’s organizer daily.
•    Send your child to school regularly on time in complete and clean uniform.
•    Carry ID Card when entering the school premises,
•    Avoid criticism and use of negative or harsh language for your child.
•    Encourage and motivate your child when he/she is right.
•    Do not compare your child with the other children.
•    Take an appointment immediately with the child’s counsellor if you observe any change in his/her behavior.
•    Immediately notify any change in address and/or telephone number to the class teacher.
•    Kindly co-operate with the school in maintaining discipline.
•    Spend quality time with your child – Observe, Listen and Communicate.
•    Allow your child to enjoy childhood.
•    Attend all the open house sessions and functions.

Car Parking:
Parents are not allowed to enter the school premises with their cars/vehicles. Parking should be done outside the school gate.

Changes and/or Amendment:
These rules and regulations may be changed and/or amended at any time at the discretion of the Director. In any event the decision of the Director is final and binding.
All students are expected to conduct themselves in a disciplined manner in all places and at all times, and project the good name of their School by their courteousness, manners, and conversation. Students should be kind, considerate and co-operative with their fellow students and teachers at all times.
The whole hearted co-operation of the parents is expected at all times in the formation of the character of their children. As the student progresses from the lower to the higher grades, he / she will be given increasing opportunities to shift from conforming to externally imposed order to self-imposed discipline.
1.    Students are answerable to the School authorities for their conduct both in and outside School. Hence misbehavior in the school bus, on the street and in public place justifies dismissal. Irregular attendance, habitual illness, disobedience, objectionable moral influence or a week’s inexcusable absence and above all disrespect and discourtesy to teachers are sufficient causes for dismissal. The decision of the Director shall be final in this matter.
2.    When the students are walking along the corridors or moving up and down the stairs, as and when changing classes, they must walk in SILENCE and remember to keep to their LEFT always.
3.    Pupils should be careful and should avoid throwing rubbish anywhere else except in the bins provided for the purpose.
4.    No presents or other gestures are allowed for any of the staff.
5.    Students should not bring mobile phones, I-pods, DVDs, CDs, Discman and similar gadgets to the School. The Gadgets if brought will lead to confiscation.
6.    Students shall bring only such materials to School as are connected with the School activities. Students are forbidden from bringing water balloons, crackers, transistors and other such materials.
7.    Chewing gum or similar substances must not be brought to the School.
8.    Students shall not wear ornaments or jewellery in School. Girls can wear “small” ear studs or earrings. The School is not responsible for any loss or theft for the same.
9.    Students need to take every care to preserve and protect the classroom and School property. The Parent / Guardian shall compensate for any damage / loss caused by their children.
10.    Parents / Guardian shall meet the teachers on the Open day.
11.    Parents / Guardians shall meet the teachers only with prior appointment, on any other day.
12.    If the teacher has called a parent / Guardian for discussions concerning the child, they need to respond promptly and personally. Parents / Guardians are required to come to the meeting personally and not send anyone else to represent them.
13.    Parents / Guardians are expected to co-operate with the School authorities by enforcing regularity and discipline.
14.    Private tuitions are not encouraged. If special coaching is necessary or desired, parents need to take a special permission.
15.    The School does not accept responsibility for loss of books, pens, money and other valuables.
16.    Students should greet guests, visitors and members of the staff politely and show them due respect.
17.    Students are required to display good manners, be polite and courteous to one another and avoid the use of objectionable language.
18.    Money should not be lent or borrowed and articles should not be exchanged or sold in the School premises.
19.    Insubordination, immorality, vandalism, smoking and malpractices such as copying and cheating during test exams are punishable offences and will be dealt with, appropriately. The use of the office telephone by students is restricted to emergencies and with the permission of the supervisors. No mobile phones are permitted.
20.    No gift to be brought by the child on his / her birthday. Only books can be donated to the school library.
21.    All students are expected to contribute towards a positive learning atmosphere in the class by co-operating with the teacher, getting work done on time; contributing to discussions, asking questions and avoiding disturbances.
22.    Every student shares the responsibility of informing someone in authority if they see others violating the rules.
23.    All articles brought to school should be marked with the student’s name. School bags must be small and light as much as possible.
24.    Warning letter system:
A warning letter will be issued to a student for continuous:
1.    Negligence of homework
2.    Indiscipline  / Misbehavior
3.    Not in proper uniform
4.    Books not brought to class
5.    Habitually being late
6.    Non-payment of fees.
This letter will be issued at the Director’s discretion. Serious action will be taken against a student who has been issued THREE warning letters.

School property
1.    The school property should be handled carefully. Students must refrain from defacing or writing on walls, tables or chairs. Utmost care must be taken when handling the computers.
2.    Any damage done, even by accident, must be reported immediately to the class teacher or co-ordinator.Any damage committed willfully or by carelessness will have to be compensated for.
3.    Care of the entire classroom property is the responsibility of the students who occupy it.
4.    Students utilizing the computer and science labs are expected to be careful while using the equipment therein.

Personal property
Students should look after their own possessions with utmost care. The School will not hold any   responsibility, whatsoever, for books, clothes, money, calculators, snack boxes or other articles that are lost. Valuables should not be brought to the School.

Assessment Rules
No child is to take leave on test / assessment day. If a child is absent for a class test/assessment NO RETEST will be given under any circumstances and no request will be entertained & the child will be marked absent.
If you arrive between 7:30am – 7:50am, report to the class teacher and you will be marked late.
If you arrive after 7.50 am, child will be sent back home.
•    Access must be made via the user’s authorized account and password, which must not be given to any other person.
•    School Computers and Internet use must be appropriate to the student’s education.
•    The school ICT system may not be used for private purposes. Downloading of any software, MP3 and movie files is not allowed.
•    The security of the ICT system must not be compromised, whether owned by the school or by other organization.
•    The use of Hotmail/Yahoo/Gmail/other free e-mailers/social networking sites are forbidden. Copyright and intellectual property right must be respected.
•    Irresponsible use may result in the loss of internet access.
The School may exercise its right by electronic means to monitor the use of the School Computer Systems, including the monitoring of websites, the interception of e-mails and the deletion of inappropriate materials. When applicable, outside agencies including police may be involved.

•   The School transport facility provided by the school is only to render extra facility for the convenience of the students.
•   The school authority has all the right to alter/modify/add/delete any route or stop/pick up point as per school decisions.
•   School transport fees should be made timely as per the transport invoice sent per term.
•   Yearly transport fees will be charged in two installments. Term-1 from April to September and Term-2 for October to March.Any payment made after the last date of payment as mentioned in the transport invoice will attract a fine of Rs 25/- per day.
•   No deductions in fees are made for vacations or broken periods.
•   In case of non -payment of transport charges, the school authority has full right to deny the entry of the child into the school bus/vehicle.
•   Pick up and drop points will be decided by the school and parents have to ensure children are picked and dropped from school designated points only. Parents/guardians will have to ensure a person is present at the drop point when the child is dropped back after school. In absence of parent/guardians the child will be brought back to school and parents will have to then come and pick the child from the school.
•   In case the school bus is unable to reach the designated pick/drop point due to some blockage/road repair/ less space to turn/ restriction from government, corporation etc the parents will have to make necessary arrangements for picking and dropping the child to the next nearest point.
•   In case of delay by the parent in reaching the pick/drop point, drivers will not wait and the bus will move ahead.