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Sweta Kumar (Mother of Samagini) Student of Class IB

Good job done by the kids of  The Lexicon International School. Thanks to the teachers also for their hardwork and support.

Sheetal Jadhav (Mother of Sanskruti Jadhav, Student -Class ID)

Very good effort. The children are being exposed to public speaking from the very beginning, so they will be confident later. Good job!!!!!!!!!!!
Recycled art work was very good, connecting kids with the nature. We are happy with Lexicon.

Mother of Arunima Nair – Class IV B

Excellent coaching given to our daughter. Boosted her confidence and communication skills. Hats off to the Teachers.
As parents, we are very grateful to the teachers and management for giving our kids opportunities to perform and develop Multiple Intelligences and instill confidence in our children.

Vidhya S. (Mother of Aditi Srikanth, Student of Class V)

Looking at the kids at such small age coming and performing on the dias is itself a growth in the kid. It becomes difficult for the kids to perform/say something in front of their own parents or family but training them and making them understand the need to save water is commendable. Thanks to the school and the teachers for teaching the kids of 4+ years to bring up such a simple and a clean act.

Manjula Phatate (Mother of Manansh Phatate- Class V A)

Things are managed professionally. Each student who participated put forth his/her efforts selflessly.

Sunita Benke (Mother of Ananya Benke-Class IIA)

The activity was very good. We see lot of confidence building up in the children. It was extremely encouraging for us as parents to see our children performing so well.

Mother of Ovee Tokkekar(Student of Class VIII A)

Children proved themselves to be better than ever.

Mother of Rashi (Student of Class V)

Excellent performance by all children.
Wonderful !!!!! An excellent programme.
Students were well prepared. Teachers worked hard to prepare them.

Nabanita Mukherjee - Mother of Pronoy Mukherjee (Student of Class II)

Had a great and meaningful discussion with the class teacher. I really liked the understanding she had for my child. Lets action on the points discussed today, very good learning experience for my child. He loves coming to school everyday, thanks alot, satisfied with the meeting with the teacher, happy with the result and the work done by the teacher. Happy with the progress. Appreciate the activities by the class teacher.

Mrs. Bhushan (Mother of Anushka Bhushan, Student of Class V)

Marvellous experience from the school in all aspects for upbringing my daughter best ever possible ways. this is her fifth year in this school and I think the education system followed in this school is the best compared to other competitive schools

Arjun Walimbe (Student of Class V)

I have won multiple Gold medals in Olympiads, I won district level awards in Chinthanya Foundation competition last but not the least I achieved All India Rank 1 in the Kiddovators Competition sponsored by SBI. It is because of the coaching I received in LEXICON SCHOOL, Kalyani Nagar. I want to dedicate all my achievements to my teachers and respected Principal Maam Mrs. Anju Luthra. My sister also studies in the same school and is definitely setup for a great year and life ahead. THANK YOU LEXICON KALYANINAGAR SCHOOL.

Hameer Jobanputra (Parent of Heer Jobanputra ,Student of Class V)

Excellent work by everybody involved to transform our child from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.

Imtiyaz Bhimani (Father of Armaan Bhimani, Student of Class V)

The C2B program was done wonderfully. Children focus on wholistic development rather than only academics. I really think it is the best school.