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School Canteen - LEXICIOUS

The Lexicon International School, Kalyani Nagar now also have their own and brand-new cafeteria called ‘The Lexicious’. The sitting area is shaped like a deck of a ship and the counter is a small cabin. The playground is right next to the cafeteria which allows the students to play and roam after eating. You can buy or bring your own lunch down to talk and play with your friends. It is the perfect place for students to take a break from their studies and relax. The canteen offers the students’ favorites and very healthy meals. The food is hygienic and well-maintained for the students.

School Trasport

The school has a fleet of buses, with speed governors installed. All the buses have fire extinguishers, medical safety kit and each bus has a lady attendant throughout. The school has ensured to cover all aspects regarding the safety and security of students using the school transport. The transport committee is also formed and is operational.

Smart Boards

To enhance tech based education the school has installed smartboards in association with TeachNext which provides a wide CBSE curriculum.


In the pipeline is an ERP system with parents and student login IDs. This system will cover modules like school transactions, complaints, student attendance, admission management, fee management, notice management, online matter for H. W, syllabus planner and tracker, transport management, progress report management and lot more.