Facilities | Lexicon International Schools in Kalyani Nagar



A state-of-the-art infrastructure and a conducive environment encouraging learning, The Lexicon International School, Kalyaninagar is equipped with the latest facilities for our students.

Vibrant, well-lit, and digitally advanced classrooms make learning interesting for both our teachers and students. The ambience of our classrooms is an inviting one, encouraging curiosity, collaboration and concentration. We have installed smart boards to aid our teachers and to encourage the use of technology to stimulate young minds through multisensory learning.

Our furniture and teaching aids are child-friendly and age-appropriate, ensuring that we can rightly address each developmental stage of a child’s mind.

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Transport & Bus Routes

The school owns a fleet of buses enabled with speed governors monitoring the speed of each driver. All the buses have fire extinguishers, medical safety kits, and a lady attendant who looks into the safety of the children. The buses also have CCTV surveillance which is monitored by the school as well as a GPS Tracking System that provides updates in real time to the parents. There is also an active and vigilant transport committee to ensure the safety of students.

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The Lexicon Schools are a digitally advanced group of schools, with the latest technology integrated into our curriculum with conscious thought and mindfulness. A key element of this advancement has been our brand new ERP system, enabling us to make communication and management as efficient as possible.

Our ERP system allows us to record, monitor, and share details of staff and student progress, attendance, assignments, and various other elements of their time at The Lexicon Schools. This ensures transparency for all our stakeholders- the Management, the administration, the faculty, the students and the parents.

Smart board

To help in creating a nurturing environment, the school has installed smart boards to be abreast with the latest in the technology which further helps in electronically aided learning.